The Scroobious Ambassador Program

About Scroobious: Scroobious teaches diverse founders how to create investable pitch material through a scalable online platform and makes it easy for investors to discover them through data-driven curation. The Pitch it Plan™ (PiP) is a virtual platform that helps entrepreneurs get their compelling story into an investor-ready format so they are prepared and given meaningful consideration during fundraising. Unlike googling for hours or paying thousands for a pitch coach, PiP is affordable and approachable through online education and personalized feedback from a human who understands the investor mindset. Our framework has been published, vetted by investors, and has helped hundreds of founders in our community score meetings, raise rounds, and get into prestigious accelerators.

About Our Sponsors: One of Scroobious' largest stakeholders is our sponsor partners, who support early-stage founders by covering the cost of a year-long membership. They become a trusted resource for the founder, and the founder receives intentional help with their fundraising preparation and investor connections. Scroobious sponsors primarily consist of consultants and lawyers who specialize in offering services to startups. Our sponsor partners' businesses are founded on relationship-building and they frequently seek opportunities to connect with founders in the early stages, establishing relationships prior to fundraising efforts.

Our Ambassador Program: We at Scroobious are so excited to announce the launch of our Ambassador program! We believe that business relationships are rooted in communities. While we live in a global and digital world, entrepreneurs are building in their towns and cities every day and need local connections and resources. Similarly, those local resources need to have a presence to reach the community members they’re looking to service and support. We're looking for ambitious individuals to join us as City Leads and help us to make connections with new sponsor partners in their local startup ecosystems.

You'll make a great Scroobious City Lead if:

  • You love to network and meet new people, both virtually and in person.
  • You're plugged into your local ecosystem; you know all the movers and shakers.
  • You love to connect networks and plug others into networks.
  • You align with the Scroobious mission. You're passionate about diversity in the startup ecosystem and helping underrepresented founders.
  • You have a strong entrepreneurial mindset.
  • You're a founder, connector, tech operator, or MBA student.


  • Become an expert on both the Scroobious brand and product.
  • Represent the Scroobious brand in your ecosystem.
  • Activate and engage your network through social media and by attending ecosystem gatherings and networking events.
  • Qualify contacts to determine if they're a fit as a Scroobious sponsor partner.
  • Hold discovery calls with sponsor prospects to learn about their partnership habits.
  • Maintain a pipeline of prospects.
Brief answer on why you'd be the right City Lead
  • What are the benefits to me as a Scroobious City Lead?

    Amplify Your Networking

    As a Scroobious City Lead, you'll gain access to a dynamic and thriving network of like-minded individuals, industry professionals, and potential collaborators. Leverage the power of the Scroobious platform to connect with influencers, creators, and businesses that align with your interests and goals. Expand your circle and open doors to exciting new opportunities within the startup ecosystem.

    Personalized Support and Training

    We're committed to your success as a Scroobious brand ambassador. Benefit from personalized support and training resources to help you excel in your ambassador role. Whether you're seeking guidance on effective networking strategies, refining your messaging, or maximizing your commission potential, our team is here to provide the support you need to thrive.

    Access to Premium Resources

    As a City Lead, you will be given a free Scroobious account, which provides comprehensive education and guidance on how to create a compelling early stage pitch deck and presentation. This also gives you access to a community of 600+ diverse founders, curated workshops, and exclusive events. Scroobious will also provide tailor-made promotional materials and resources designed to equip you with the tools you need to excel as an ambassador and achieve your networking and commission goals.

  • Will I be paid?

    We value your efforts in promoting Scroobious, and we want to reward you for the connections you bring to the platform. As a City Lead, you have the chance to earn competitive commissions for every new sponsor you secure for Scroobious. Your success in expanding our sponsor base directly translates into financial rewards for you. It's a win-win scenario that lets you turn your passion for networking into a source of income.

  • Will I be the only ambassador in a city?

    Yes, for right now, there will only be one City Lead so you will cover your entire city/area.

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