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Founded by Women

Databird Business Journal

Founded by Women: Inspiration and Advice from over 100 Female Founders

1/7/21: I encourage you to read our stories. There are 100 of us in this book and we're just a tiny fraction of all the female founders out there right now! There is no pipeline problem. Investors are looking in the wrong pipes.

The Capital Network

Investors & the ‘Pipeline Problem’: How to Build Inclusive Pipelines from Groups Building Pipelines

Hear from leaders who are building pipelines or redefining access for 'underrepresented' founders in various ways. From platforms to programs and partnerships, these groups offer concrete resources for funding and supporting more ‘new majority’ founders.

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Business Insider

The 10 most important elements of a startup pitch deck, backed by VCs, angel investors, and other experts — with real examples from founders

10/17/20: Allison Byers, CEO of Scroobious, a new video-pitching platform for entrepreneurs, shared with Business Insider the 10 most important elements of a startup pitch deck. She collected these elements from hundreds of pitch deck iterations and presentations and ran them by a large network of investors to get their insights.

Heart Stock Radio

Heart Stock Radio

Underestimated founders

9/21/20: Women and minority founders have been shown to deliver outsized investment returns, yet they receive a small fraction of investment dollars. These underestimated diverse founders are outside investor networks and therefore perceived as riskier. Allison Byers recently founded Scroobious to address these problems with a platform solution that uses video, technology, and data science to humanize and expand pitching and sourcing in underestimated markets.

Forward Thinking Founders podcast

Forward Thinking Founders Podcast

Addressing the funding gap

9/13/20: Allison is the founder of Scroobious. Scroobious is building a way for investors to efficiently source diverse deal flow and a humanized way for underrepresented founders to establish investor relationships.

Listen to this episode if:

  • You want to build more relationships with venture capitalists
  • You want to better understand the funding gap
  • Want to hear the big vision for Allison and Scroobious
All Raise

All Raise Visionary Voices

No more manels, no more excuses: All Raise Visionary Voices seeks to increase female and non-binary representation in tech & VC conversations

9/1/20: Nowhere is inequity more visible than on technology and VC event stages and in news stories. At tech events, only 1 in 4 speakers are women. Founder & CEO Allison Byers was selected for the All Raise Visionary Voices Speakers Bureau, an easy resource for reporters and event organizers to connect with female and non-binary founders, funders, and operators who are visionary leaders and domain experts.

Business Insider

Business Insider

How a Video-Pitching Platform Can Close the Funding Gap in VC

5/14/20: Dubbed Scroobious — in a nod to a poem by Edward Lear, "The Scroobious Pip," that celebrates being unique — the technology will enable founders to showcase their startups through four-minute video pitches. By leveraging predictive algorithms, similar to technology used by companies like Netflix and YouTube, the idea is that investors will be shown video pitches that are a best match for their interests.


Joshua Henderson, Springboard Enterprises

The Global Support Ecosystem for Women Entrepreneurs and Investors

5/5/20: 340+ VCs, accelerators, angel networks, conferences, platforms, and communities supporting women innovators and investors.

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