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Because you can't put a person in a static pitch deck.

VC is Overlooking $4 Trillion

Investing in diverse founders isn't just the right thing to do, it's the smart thing to do.

Research shows that female founders and diverse teams are under-invested and deliver better investment results. This makes them an undervalued asset class and a huge opportunity for the investors who source them. The data is shocking and discouraging, but at Scroobious we see opportunity.

Diverse teams

3 out of 4 VC rounds go to non-diverse teams

Source: Deconstructing the Pipeline Myth, Kaufmann Fellows, 2020

Gender gap

More than 3/4 of all VC deals go to all male teams

Source: Funding for female founders increased in 2019-but only to 2.7%

Join us. Be Scroobious.

For the founders who can't be lumped into a classification and don't fit traditional pattern matching. For the investors looking to put their money toward something or someone that speaks to you. For those who identify as underrepresented and struggle to network your way to the people and the resources you need to get funded or to invest.

We are building this for you.

Who is Scroobious for?

Smart mobile app

Founders working on a pitch

Feeling unsure about your pitch deck shouldn't hold you back, and it won't with PiP™. Present your business in a compelling way and make a strong first impression with investors you would otherwise struggle to reach.

Call booth

Early-stage investors

You can have 12 "first pitch" meetings in an hour. See the best opportunities, not just the best opportunities that look like the ones you already have. Broaden your sourcing funnel while being more efficient with the time you spend in founder meetings.

Smar devices

Startup providers supporting DEI initiatives

Directly address DEI initiatives by sponsoring women and minority founders' PiP membership and get involved in our community by providing webinars and expert support.

man in black framed eyeglasses and white and black button up shirt

Service partners

Do you provide services to start-ups or early-stage investors? If you want to support our efforts to promote underrepresented founders and make it efficient for investors to find them by offering our users an exclusive offer or deal, we would love to speak with you!

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