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Human-first fundraising

Founders, create a pitch that will finally get you funding.

Investors, find diverse founders and increase your pipeline.


Pitch education & investor connection platform

Scroobious empowers founders to create pitches that speak to investors and prepare for their next funding round or accelerator application.


For founders who need help refining their pitch so they can tell their story and raise the round on their terms.

Gain access to:

  • Founders community to connect & learn from
  • Pitch education with our Pitch it Plan™ self-paced program
  • One-on-one advising to give you big pitch break-throughs
  • Networking events with investors to get feedback on your pitch


For investors looking to put their money toward something, or someone, that speaks to you.

Gain access to:

  • Diverse founders so you can expand your portfolio
  • Networking with up-and-coming founders to increase pipeline
  • Pitch videos for a fun and efficient sourcing experience
  • Connections with like-minded investors to pool capital

Pitch education, tips, & advising for founders to secure funding

Founders who have completed the Pitch it Plan™ program have raised multiple rounds of capital, become publicly listed, and gained acceptance into prestigious accelerators like Y Combinator, Techstars, Visible Hands, Grid110, XRC Labs, and more.

The Pitch it Plan™ program, community, and advising empowers founders to create an investor-ready pitch deck in a few days.


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Respected businesses trust us to guide founders


From underestimated to oversubscribed

Stop wasting weeks tweaking your narrative, searching for best practices, or spending thousands on a pitch coach -- join Scroobious and get funded.


Early-stage investor platform

We believe it's not a pipeline problem, but rather a connection problem.

Scroobious solves this problem. Angel and early-stage investors can discover and connect with overlooked founders in a discreet and scalable way.

Effortlessly find and contact founders you want to put your money behind in an easy, fun, and efficient way.

We have serious momentum


June 2024

Next week we will be celebrating the 4th of July. How fitting that I spent half of June involved in policy advocacy with legislators at the state and federal level. Catalyzing and sustaining change in equitable access to business capital requires collaboration between the private sector and public policy. My advocacy goes hand in hand with Scroobious' growth and impact.


May 2024

I had the pleasure of speaking on the opening panel for Yale Ventures' 10th annual Yale Innovation Summit this week alongside truly admirable changemakers, including Alphonso David (CEO of Global Black Economic Forum and attorney for The Fearless Fund), Steph Speirs (Co-Founder and CEO of Solstice), and Travis Whitfill (Chief Operating Officer at Azitra).


April 2024

Last week I guest lectured for a capstone MBA class at California Lutheran University, which utilizes the Scroobious pitch framework as the basis for creating a new venture pitch. As I reflected on my professional journey in preparation, I realized that I've been pitching my entire career.


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