Our Mission

Scroobious' mission is to create more investable founders and help investors discover them through a hyper-curated connection platform.

Founders who have completed our Pitch it Plan™ program have raised multiple rounds of capital, become publicly listed, and gained acceptance into prestigious accelerators like Y Combinator, Techstars, Visible Hands, Grid110, XRC Labs, and more.

We're increasing diversity in the startup ecosystem one founder at a time.

Below is the current state of investments for founders.


More than 75% of all VC deals go to all-male founding teams


75% of VC deals go to non-diverse teams


Screw bias. Be Scroobious.

Based on the Edward Lear poem, the Scroobious Pip is celebrated for being different.

Entrepreneurs who don't pattern-match the traditional founder archetype should be celebrated for the unique opportunities they present, which is exactly where investors can generate alpha.


The team committed to a more equitable founder experience


Erica Kangas

Head of Engineering


We have a top-tier advisory team and network of contractors all working together to execute the Scroobious mission.


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