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For startup founders who have a story to tell but need help telling it, Scroobious is a pitch education & investor connection platform that helps you get your story into an investor-ready format that resonates.

Scroobious has everything you need in one place with a self-paced pitch program, live 1:1 feedback from a human who understands the investor mindset, and access to our diverse founder community.


As a Scroobious member, you gain access to

The Pitch it Plan Program

PiP is our proven methodology to create a compelling pitch deck that gets you funding. Watch the bite-sized online learning modules as quickly or slowly as you'd like.

1:1 Advising

Founders connect with a PiP trained pitch reviewer to ensure you have a clear narrative with information investors want to see.

Downloadable Resources

Downloadable templates for everything from designing your deck to calculating your total addressable market.

Founders Community

Learn from other diverse founders who are just a few steps ahead of you and are raising rounds of capital.

Investor Connections

We display your pitch material on our investor platform so you can connect with angel investors looking to fund diverse founders.


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pitch it plan course breakdown

Pitch It Plan™ (PiP) program

This isn't about making a pretty deck. It's about clear and concise communication that speaks to the investor's mindset and shows your expertise and passion, making you a highly desirable founder.

Our PiP framework is a proven methodology that helps you clearly communicate the high-level and the nitty-gritty of your company, its traction, and the opportunity ahead.

It's been vetted by investors, published in major publications, and has helped founders raise capital and get into prestigious accelerators.

It's broken down into self-paced modules, including every topic a founder needs to have in their pitch deck.

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We've got you covered! The Scroobious ecosystem is filled with supportive sponsors who cover the cost of accounts for founders. Fill out an application and we'll reach out when there's a match!


Personalized 1:1 feedback from trained pitch experts

We know online education isn't always enough. PiP includes personalized feedback so you can create a robust pitch deck that is clear, concise, compelling, and highlights the brilliance of your company.

Trained pitch reviews provide:

  • One 1:1 pitch coaching session that's tailored to your specific pitch
  • Two rounds of written feedback on decks so you make it investor-ready
  • The "why" behind suggestions so you can understand the investor mindset
  • A supportive community of founder peers for you to level-up from

Create an instant connection with a pitch video

Scroobious allows you to film a compelling short pitch video from home so your first contact with an investor is a human one for more effective fundraising.

We guide you through best practices for a remote presentation.

  • Listing on our investor-facing platform for maximum visibility
  • Data about how investors are engaging with your pitch video to fine-tune your pitch
  • Transcription and closed captioning to make it accessible
  • Chapter marking so it's easy to digest
  • Link to share so you can direct investors to your most important pages

Join our founder community

Connect with other diverse founders who are a few steps ahead in their founder journey and are experiencing success. Community members also gain access to exclusive curated events and startup perks.


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