Expand Your Pipeline

Scroobious' investor portal helps early-stage investors discover and connect with diverse founders.

Investor-members broaden their sourcing funnel while being more efficient with the time spent in founder meetings by providing feedback on pitches, connecting directly with the startup CEO, and more.


Meet up-and-coming founders & startups

We help founders tell their stories through pitch refinement that focuses on compelling narrative as well as business mechanics, creating more investable founders and giving them a tangible advantage over those who don't seek the same type of help.

This means we have identified and clarified overlooked opportunities that will speak to you and have the potential for outsized return.


Investor FAQs

  • How will I benefit from the portal as an early-stage investor?

    The Scroobious platform will connect you to a network of brilliant and diverse founders solving important problems that you may not have otherwise known about. These founders have worked with us to clarify their story, showcasing comprehensive pitch material and coachability. Find the people and the companies you're looking to put your money toward.

  • What will I be able to do?

    Investor members will be able to:

    • See compelling pitch decks and videos from founders who have used our program to improve how they communicate their businesses.
    • Access a world of diverse entrepreneurs you wouldn't otherwise know.
    • See new investment opportunities, not just opportunities that look like those you already have.
    • Access pitch videos with closed captioning and chapter markers for each pitch section to make them easy and enjoyable to view.
    • Provide direct feedback to the founder from you or anonymously.
    • Message any founder you'd like to meet.
    • Connect with other investors who share your vision and values.
  • Can any founder be featured on the investor portal?

    All founders featured in the investor portal will have gone through our Pitch it Plan™ program and followed the Scroobious framework to streamline investor discovery and ensure a high standard of quality.

  • Can I join the investor portal now?

    You sure can! We recently completed a soft-launch and have now opened up access to the 200+ investors on our waitlist and any accredited investor who would like to join! We're offering early users a special 50% discount with the promo code INVESTOREARLYACCESS!

Take it from these investors


"You have to cut through a lot of promotional language and FOMO surrounding investment syndicates to figure out what’s real and what’s not. Getting to know and develop a relationship with the founder is a big missing piece in the landscape so far. "

Joshua Henderson, StageNext Fund

"Traditional networks are failing miserably at connecting individual investors with companies run by women and people of color. Smart, forward-thinking investors are not waiting for the old pipes to produce new outputs. These investors are searching for better pipes, ready to write the checks and get in the game."

Melissa Withers, RevUp Capital

" I believe that thousands of investors feel the same way and that there is a significant and timely market opportunity to address this issue."

Chris Antunes, 3Play Media & Angel Investor


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