Data Scientist (contract to start)

About Scroobious

Hello there potential Scroobious Data Scientist! Before we get into the job, let me tell you about our company and its origin story. I’m Allison Byers, Founder & CEO. I spent about five years building and leading a medical device startup and raised nearly $10M going from a friends and family round through an A1. During that time I was floored by how inefficient and stressful the process of fundraising was, and caught off guard by the challenges I faced as a woman despite a career full of being the only woman in the room. When I did some research and found out that women and minorities receive only 2% or less (yes, that’s real!) of VC funding, I felt compelled to help in some way.

I founded Scroobious in January 2020 to increase diversity in the startup ecosystem by providing the education, tools, and community founders need to create investor-ready pitch material and a platform to help investors easily find those founders.

The Role

We launched our Pitch it Plan™ (PiP) MVP in February 2020 and since then our community has grown to over 200 diverse entrepreneurs with dozens of accelerator partnerships thanks to word of mouth from our amazing founder group and inbound interest.

The PiP MVP was built on a low-code platform for rapid deployment and we have successfully demonstrated market and business model validation. In these early days where we are running lean and capital-efficient, our fantastic technical advisor, Dan Caddigan, is serving as lead architect and is currently building our custom v1 web app with an outsourced dev team that will include both the founder PiP and an investor-facing portal. We have a BIG vision for the investor portal full of really cool tech and data science and are building Scroobious to be a venture-backable company. 

Speaking of data science, a core element of our investor portal includes building a recommendation engine to suggest pitches an investor might like based on that investor’s engagement with other pitch material on our platform. This will include identifying proprietary variables about pitch material (static from pdf decks and dynamic from videos and speech) to combine with traditional elements of a fundraise (stage, location, amount, etc.) and engagement behavior to create predictive models.

What You Bring

I’m not going to list a bunch of requirements, and while you don’t need to have mastery of recommendation engines, you do need enough experience and ambition that you can hit the ground running and get up to speed quickly. You…

  • are a hands-on machine learning person who understands how to manipulate data.
  • are naturally curious about data and predictive analytics and find yourself looking at how companies use recommendations and the content driving their models.
  • understand what machine learning products exist today and how to use them.  
  • can take an off-the-shelf product and utilize it to create an early model while we strategize future approaches.
  • are excited to turn unstructured data into quantified variables.
  • have an active GitHub account (or equivalent) where you are building adhoc models based on your own curiosity.
  • care about diversity efforts and know how to check that a model isn’t inadvertently creating bias.
  • enjoy working independently and are a stickler for documentation.
  • like sarcasm and laugh a lot.

The Position

This position will start as a contract for either compensation or value exchange. In the case of value exchange, we are open to discussions with students or those in a career transition to provide access to our platform and investor community in exchange for helping us build our early recommendation engine. There is the potential for joining as a founding team member.

You will be reporting directly to me, with ongoing support and mentorship from our incredible advisors and investors. This is an amazing opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a mission-based startup and work closely with business and technical wizards who are also good human beings.

How to Apply

If you’re interested in joining our small yet mighty team as a core player with direct influence over the company's product, please click the button below to email your resume and a cover letter. Please, please don’t forget the cover letter including why you’re a good fit for the position, why we should be excited to have you join us, and how you learned about the role.

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