Scroobious Pip
"And they roared and sang and whistled and cried
Till the noise was heard from side to side -
         Chippetty tip! Chippetty tip!
It's only name is the Scroobious Pip."
-Edward Lear, Ogden Nash, "The Scroobious Pip"

Join us. Be Scroobious.

For the founders who can't be lumped into a classification and don't fit traditional pattern matching. For the investors looking to put their money toward something or someone that speaks to you. For those who identify as underrepresented and struggle to network your way to the people and resources you need to get funded or to invest.

We are building this for you.

(Many have asked if Scroobious is for "screw bias." We're cool with that and assume Edward Lear would be too.)


Allison Byers

Founder & CEO

I'm an MBA with 15+ years' experience building and leading startups and previously raised nearly $10M. I have deep experience utilizing data to understand human behavior, strategic planning, fundraising, and product management. I throw my full passion and grit into whatever I'm trying to achieve along with a healthy dose of humor. You gotta laugh.

Things I love: sarcasm, wine, being with my husband and kids, and feeling like I've made a real difference at the end of the day.


Demetri Harrison


I'm a Developer with 8 years' experience who loves to build web apps and design system architecture from the ground up. I'm a 2x founder myself and have experienced the challenges of fundraising as an underrepresented entrepreneur. I'm passionate about building tools and a platform that will change the funding landscape for women and minorities.

Things I love: spending time with my wife and kids, drinking beer while watching sports, and binge-watching shows when I have the chance.

Allison's son will yell at you if you don't.