March 2022 Update

Hello First name / there! 

Did you enjoy our February update? What, you didn't read it?! Oh, right, that's because I didn't send one. gasp. Us founders are our own harshest critics and it's really really hard for us to take breaks because our success is predicated upon forward momentum and constant traction. This inevitably leads to burn out, which I have suffered from in the past and promised myself I wouldn't incur again. In the spirit of mental health, we were staring down a February school break with no plans for our kids in crummy winter weather and decided we all needed to get away for a real vacation.

 We went. We didn't have internet. We couldn't work and it was for the better. Everyone needs a break now and then, yourself included (yes, I'm talking to you).

Ok, you came here for updates, so let's get to it. Listen to this fun Boston Speaks Up podcast, read about the mom tax and how the great resignation is really ⅓ of working moms being forced out of jobs, and smile at meeting zoom friends in person. More on those below.

 Most exciting is that we are literally weeks away from replacing our MVP with our first custom platform! 🎉😁 Founders - be on the lookout for emails about what this means for your Pitch it Plan (PiP) accounts. Investors - we have an ever-growing waitlist of people who want to be the first to check out our discovery platform. Add your name here if you want a private invite during our testing phase.

 Changes and features I'm most excited about:

  • Improved PiP workflow and founder guidance
  • New PiP content
  • Ability to submit for listing on investor discovery portal!!
  • Expanded resource library and perks
  • Investors can leave feedback (anonymous or transparent) on founder pitches
  • So much more!

 Read on for upcoming events, replays of past ones, and don't miss our featured founder at the end! 

Not listed below are all of the pitch workshops we're running for incubators, accelerators, and university entrepreneurship programs where we cover pitch deck basics as well as presentation elements related to confidence and bias. 

Let's chat if you run a program and are interested in providing this content to your members. Thank you for reading this. Thank you for helping us. I appreciate you.


Updates and Events

Smart mobile app


Crowdfunding Basics


SEO Fundamentals

Lunch & Learn:

Data Security & Privacy

Call booth

Boston Speaks Up Podcast

Smar devices

The Mom Tax



In Your Words

Each newsletter features the perspective of one of our members. Most are currently raising and I encourage you to reach out to them.

This month’s featured founder is Madilynn Beck, Founder & CEO of The Better Spot. The World Health Organization estimates 65-80% of the population use holistic/ACM (Alternative Complementary Medicine) and there are 8.5 million apps available worldwide. If those apps support the users, where are the apps supporting the practitioners?

 That's a whole side of the marketplace going ignored. The Better Spot offers modern, flex-lease spaces with centralized backend systems for wellness professionals to easily see clients and The Better App allows them to build community, access resources, and increase client flow. Madilynn is a psychotherapist and legitimately amazing person whom I deeply respect. She's actively fundraising and I encourage you to reach out and ask to see her pitch video. Bonus: she's hilarious and really fun to talk to.

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