Scroobious Investor Membership Application

Hello early-stage investor! We are hard at work building an investor portal that will knock your socks off. In the meantime, we have a membership site that showcases high-level, 5-minute founder pitch videos and the ability to email the founders to learn more. You will be accessing a network of amazing, inspirational, and diverse founders you may not have otherwise known about.

The pitch videos in this portal were created by early-stage founders who completed the Scroobious Pitch it Plan™. They put in the work to develop robust business plans and crafted clear and compelling narratives. The videos follow the Scroobious framework, which you can read more about in this Business Insider article. All videos have transcriptions, closed captioning, and chapter markers for each section of the pitch to make them easy and enjoyable to view.

Please complete the application below if you would like access and we will follow up via email with an invitation.

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