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Don't let your pitch deck prevent you from getting a meeting.

Pitch decks don't have to be scary. After years of pitching experience and A LOT (whatever you're thinking plus more) of research, there are common elements almost every investor wants to see in a pitch deck. There are also simple language and formatting rules you can apply to help clearly convey your message. You can read more about it in this Business Insider article.

Many underrepresented founders don't have the network to teach them what should go in a deck or how to use PowerPoint. Those are silly reasons not to get a meeting with an investor.

The Scroobious Pitch it Plan™ is a hands-on, tactical program to take the scary out of building a pitch deck.

A full-stack pitching solution for founders

PiP modules

1. Self-paced modules

The PiP has over an hour of bite-sized lessons covering the entire pitch creation process along with downloadable templates and includes a 60-minute 1:1 pitch review.

pitch deck

2. Robust pitch deck

You will leave the PiP with an investor-ready pitch deck that clearly walks through your narrative and includes the information investors want to see.

pitch video

3. Compelling pitch video

You will also leave the PiP with a compelling pitch video showing your slides next to you presenting them. We guide you through best practices for a remote presentation.


4. Investor-facing platform

Use your video for fundraising, and we'll also display it on our investor-facing platform to get you in front of relevant sources of capital.

Providing tangible value to our founders

I cannot recommend Scroobious and working through the educational content as well as working with Allison 1:1 more. Within 4-6 weeks of completing that work, I closed my Angel round and I've never felt more confident in my narrative and pitch.

Jessica Lynch

Jessica Lynch


Thank you a million times for the feedback on our seed deck. The change in our deck to the new narrative was a turning point for us, so THANK YOU for the insights. We couldn't be here without you.


Sarah Bedrick


I liked the honest feedback and how in-depth we went into understanding segments, competitive markets, and areas of focus. Every underrepresented founder should use this service!


Topaz Smith


Omg! I must take a moment to brag. I’ve been working with Allison on my pitch deck and video and the result is awesome! I can’t recommend her enough. The video has chapters that investors can click thru. So so cool.


Malinda Coler


Early-stage founders trying to build a pitch deck you need to subscribe and chat with @apbyers. It's worth every single sweat.

Valentine Osakwe

Valentine Osakwe


Allison is FANTASTIC. After muddling through on my own and then getting completely wrong instructions from my business courses, she helped me fix my deck and now it's amazeballs. DM her. You will NOT be sorry.


Tanya Gough


Don't fear the pitch deck.