Boost Her Biz

Welcome Boost Her Biz founders!

Let's build your pitch!

We're offering a special $100 off discount just for founders who attended the Boost Her Biz global virtual summit. You definitely won't see the price this low again, so take advantage!

We've built the Pitch Learning Program to take the scary out of building a pitch deck with a hands-on tactical workshop. You can read more about our approach to pitch decks in this Business Insider article. Once you feel confident with your deck, we guide you through filming a 5-minute pitch video showing your slides next to you presenting them.

A short, high quality pitch video instantly portrays your characteristics and allows you to convey your passion and authenticity in a way a pitch deck or executive summary never can. Make an impression and start building investor relationships!

Signing up here gets you:

  • Over an hour of bite-sized lessons covering the entire pitch creation process
  • Downloadable PowerPoint pitch deck template
  • Downloadable bottom-up market size calculator
  • Robust pitch deck
  • Compelling pitch video showing your slides next to you presenting them
  • Transcription, closed captioning, and chapter marking of your pitch video
  • Pitch video displayed on our platform for investors to view and message you
  • Ability to book 1:1 coaching sessions
  • Community of founder peers
  • Special offers from our partners
  • Eternal gratitude from Allison & the Scroobious team

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