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We are blown away by the incredible people who join our community each day. The Pitch it Plan™, or PiP, is already providing tangible value to our founders and we have amazing sponsors providing grants to help underrepresented founders get the help they need to fundraise.

Investors, we are hard at work turning our successful prototype into a scalable MVP. In the meantime, we have a membership site where you can view founder pitch videos and connect via email. Click below to apply!


Feeling unsure about your pitch deck shouldn't hold you back, and it won't with our PiP. Present your business in a compelling way and make a strong first impression with investors you would otherwise struggle to reach.


You can have 12 "first pitch" meetings in an hour. See the best opportunities, not just the best opportunities that look like the ones you already have. Broaden your sourcing funnel while being more efficient with the time you spend in founder meetings.

Service Partners

Do you provide services to start-ups or early stage investors? If you want to support our efforts to promote underrepresented founders and make it efficient for investors to find them by offering our beta users an exclusive offer or deal, we would love to speak with you!



Have an immediate impact on the life of an undernetworked entrepreneur. Your sponsorship dollars will directly address DEI initiatives by empowering diverse founders to more effectively fundraise and build social capital. Contact us for sponsorship packages.

THANK YOU to our generous sponsors!

Sponsorship money is allocated as grants to cover the membership fee for founders who have applied for assistance. Our sponsors have an immediate impact by helping undernetworked founders obtain the social and financial capital they need.

Partner Sponsor

Morse focuses exclusively on the core legal services that businesses need to succeed. We help businesses of all sizes from startups to Fortune 1000 companies in service areas such as Corporate, IP, Licensing & Strategic Alliances, Employment, Taxation, and Litigation.

Supporter Sponsor

Taking your company to the next level can be risky – particularly without a CFO. Through a hands-on financial partnership, our experts work with emerging entrepreneurs to fuel growth by providing customized solutions for all your finance and accounting concerns.

We love our service partners

Our service partners are committed to supporting undernetworked founders. Scroobious members receive exclusive offers from the partners below.

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