Pitch Reviewer (Part-time contract)

About Scroobious

Women, founders of color, and other underrepresented entrepreneurs receive less than 2% of all venture capital investments. A pitch is unlike any other presentation you give because you aren’t trying to sell your product or service. It is not intuitive to put yourself in the mindset of an investor, particularly if you identify as underrepresented and have been historically blocked from accessing funding networks. These founders often can’t afford expensive pitch coaches and are often also blocked from entering the prestigious accelerators. They need affordable and approachable guidance on how to pitch so they are given meaningful consideration, to build a network of peers and industry contacts, and exposure to relevant investors who can provide capital as well as that critical first “yes” and strategic support.

Our community consists of founders who are Series A or earlier and are working on creating a pitch deck and presentation for accelerator applications and/or fundraising. We launched our PiP MVP in February 2021 and have worked with over 300 founders and dozens of diversity-focused accelerators and organizations to help diverse entrepreneurs raise millions and get into prestigious accelerators. We have raised a pre-seed round from angel investors and select institutions who are passionate about our mission and have an incredible hands-on advisory board. In a short period of time, our brand is already recognized as a mission-driven authentic voice with a truly valuable product.

The Role

Do you enjoy helping people make their lives better by teaching them something they didn’t know before? Something that will have an immediate impact for them? Are you interested in joining an innovative new technology company that caters to entrepreneurs and investors? This is a versatile and exciting contract role responsible for the remote delivery of pitch deck and pitch presentation feedback to startup founders. You will work closely with and report directly to our Founder & CEO, Allison Byers.

Scroobious’ keystone program for founders who are fundraising is the Pitch it Plan™, or PiP for short. This program combines online learning modules, downloadable templates, and personalized feedback to help founders efficiently develop compelling pitch decks and pitch videos. Founders receive three pieces of personalized feedback: two rounds of written commentary on draft pitch decks and one hour-long pitch review zoom session. Pitch Reviewers begin by providing the written commentary and may have the opportunity to advance to providing the zoom reviews with experience and further training.

The pitch reviewer application process consists of learning about our methodology, working through examples, and submitting a sample written commentary. Our company is growing fast and we’re looking to add people to our team who are excited to be a central part of Scroobious’ impactful program by directly assisting undernetworked entrepreneurs in their fundraising efforts.

You do not need to have startup or fundraising experience for this role, but you should be familiar with what it means to fundraise and what a pitch deck is. Pitch feedback is structured and you will receive training and mentorship. The successful individual for this role would be described as a natural problem solver, positive and proactive, have a natural curiosity and strong desire to learn and grow, and have strong written communication skills.

Make your own hours; this is part-time work that can be done from home. Interested? We’d love to talk!

What You’ll Do

  • Complete a training exercise and submit responses as the application.
  • Once approved as a Scroobious pitch reviewer, be the knowledgeable and energetic “voice” of PiP for our customers.
  • Deliver online written feedback on pitch decks (potential to advance training to deliver 1:1 pitch review sessions via web conference).
  • Provide consistent internal communication with our team.
  • Occasional online engagement with our founder community if that is of interest.

What You Bring

  • Experience in account management or customer service roles.
  • Skilled in creating and delivering compelling presentations.
  • Ability to distill complicated information into simpler concepts.
  • Consistently positive outlook and a sincere interest in learning about new businesses and seeing customers be successful following the Scroobious program.
  • Strong and clear communication skills.
  • Good organization and time management skills.
  • Genuine attention to detail.
  • Proven proficiency with PowerPoint or other presentation software.

How You’ll Be Paid

Starting compensation will be $100 per full pitch review delivered. $60 for the first written review and $40 for the second. This remains the same regardless of how long you spend on the review, so if it only takes 30 minutes to complete a review that's equal to $120/hour. Times will vary based on the needs of the submitted deck and the reviewer's experience. There is the potential for role expansion and/or full-time employment.

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