Pitch it Plan: Submit

Let's get your video in front of investors! Follow the steps below to upload your final pitch video.

Follow these steps

Soapbox Invite

1. Accept Soapbox invite

Check for an email from Soapbox with the subject "Allison has invited you to join their Soapbox team." Click the link and then "Accept Invite" on the landing page.

Soapbox Download

2. Download your video

Log in to Soapbox and click "Share" at the top. Click "Download" on the right-hand side of the screen.

Soapbox Upload

3. Upload your video

Upload the video you just downloaded in the box below (not in the picture above).


4. Look for an email

Congrats on finishing your pitch video! We will add chapter markers, transcribe, and close caption your video. In roughly 4 business days look for an email with a link to your video.

Upload your video in the box below