Pitch it Plan: Presentation

Congratulations on creating a robust pitch deck that you are proud of! That is no small feat and we hope you feel proud of yourself. Now we'll go into drafting your speaking notes and best practices for presenting your 5-minute pitch. The final module after this one will be instructions for how to film your pitch video.

You will need to enter the password you received to watch the videos. Please contact us if you have not received the password. Once you've watched this content and feel comfortable with your presentation, the last step is filming your pitch video!

You've finished the Pitch Deck Presentation!

The final step is filming your 5-minute pitch video. Click the button for instructions in the next module.

If you would like personalized help, please use the calendar below to schedule a 1:1 with Allison. Reasons to schedule a 1:1 can include:

  • Trouble defining a clear, central narrative.
  • Struggling to communicate how your solution directly addresses the problem you defined.
  • Want help uncovering a key message or emotional connection that will resonate with investors.
  • Coaching on how to confidently introduce yourself and command attention.
  • Cutting down on text and graphically supporting the "so what" of your slides.
  • Pitch practice with personalized, concrete, direct feedback.
  • PowerPoint mechanics and slide design.

I liked the honest feedback and how in-depth we went into understanding segments, competitive markets, and areas of focus. Every underrepresented founder should use this service!

Topaz Smith

Topaz Smith

Founder & CEO, En-Noble

I like Allison's direct and honest approach. Her feedback is tangible and significantly impacts how I will alter my pitch.

Dan Edlebeck

Co-Founder & CEO, Exidio