Pitch it Plan: Film

Follow the steps below to film your video

We're working with Wistia, who make a software product called Soapbox, to film founder pitch videos. Soapbox is a plugin for the Chrome web browser that will allow you to simultaneously tape your screen and webcam and sync the two together into one video file.

Film as many videos as you want until you are happy with a final version. As you iterate you may go through a phase where you feel your pitch is getting worse or less authentic. This is totally normal! The goal is to have the words come naturally so that even if you stumble you can recover in the same take and not feel the need to constantly stop and re-shoot. Remember, this isn't a fancy production, this video is recreating a first pitch meeting and should communicate your authentic characteristics. Stumbling and laughing it off is a sign of your humanity! It takes time and patience to get to a version you are happy with as we are our own harshest critics. Keep refining and practicing and you will emerge from this phase with a much stronger presentation.


1. Create free Soapbox account

Click the button below to create a free Soapbox account and install the Chrome extension.

Soapbox Record

2. Launch Soapbox & select presentation window

You’ll be asked to share your entire screen for the screen capture. I recommend putting your deck in presentation mode and then going to Chrome to click the Soapbox icon. You can then click on the Slide Show application window to record only that application as shown in the screenshot below.

Soapbox record

3. Record your pitch!

A three-second countdown will begin. Tip - move the Soapbox menu bar out of the presentation window. When the countdown switches to a flashing red light, it’s showtime! To end recording, hit Stop Sharing at the bottom of the screen, or click the flashing red light in your Chrome toolbar.

Video edit

4. Trim & split screen

When you finish recording you'll be brought to a Soapbox webpage to edit your video. Click in the bottom bar and in the gray box that pops up select the 1st option of a person next to a rectangle and then click Done. Next, move the clippers to trim the start and finish appropriately.


5. Tell us you're all done!

Click the button below for instructions on how to submit your final video.