January 2021 Update


My attention is uncontrollably divided. Yours likely is too. I wrote a LinkedIn post about the need for all of us to take time to process our reactions to recent and ongoing events and to extend the same courtesy to others in our lives. Everyone will experience this differently. It will feel more personal to some than to others. It will make some more emotional than others.

Humans process visual information quickly and we retain it, which is why pitch videos are so much more powerful than static decks. We are being flooded by images and videos of what transpired. This can and will trigger deep-set emotions for long periods of time. 

I, along with countless other founders, am now trying to balance my emotional response to current events while building my company and nurturing our incredible momentum. We have exciting developments this month and I want to share them with you. While we all need our time and space, entrepreneurs can't stop building our businesses and we still need your support!

Thank you for reading this. Thank you for helping us. I appreciate you.

Allison Byers, Founder & CEO


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Each newsletter features the perspective of one of our members. Most are currently raising and I encourage you to reach out to them.

Today I'd like to introduce you to Mati Amin, the Founder & CEO of Lit. Before founding Lit, Mati worked at a startup accelerator and with an Angel group. He's no stranger to the world of start-ups and he's come to appreciate a particular concept he observed as critical to entrepreneurial success. Grit.

Grit is all about perseverance combined with a passion. My founders hear me talk a lot about the importance of their origin story and explaining why they made the big decision to start a company. Founders - investors need to know what will motivate you to stick with your company when times get tough, which they inevitably will. They are looking for your passion and the determination to see something through to the end; they're looking for your grit. Mati exudes grit and is a lot of fun to boot!

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