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THANK YOU for being an early Scroobious investor member. This simple site is to showcase our founder pitch videos without additional features at this time. You are accessing a network of amazing, inspirational, and diverse founders you may not have otherwise known about.

The pitch videos below were made by early-stage founders who have completed the Scroobious Pitch it Plan™. We encourage you to email them if you have any interest in what they are building or themselves as founders. While they all need funding for their companies, they will also greatly benefit from your feedback and help to build social capital and network.

All videos are ~5 minutes long, follow our published framework, are transcribed, closed captioned, and have chapter markers for different sections for an easy and engaging viewing experience. Videos do not include the ask out of general solicitation consideration. Videos are displayed with the most recent first.

This is not an MVP. It is only designed to give you access to our founder pitch videos while we build the custom application. We've got big plans and want to be sure we're building our investor portal with your needs in mind.

We will add pitch videos as they are created and remove videos once founders close rounds, so check back frequently!

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