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Kelly Kimball has very generously provided sponsored Medium level accounts for one year for the first 20 people who apply following our pitch workshop on Wednesday, 5/11 at 8 pm ET. This is a $240 value! Please complete the form and you'll receive an email with a promo code for a 100% discount code!

The Polygon app at work

We've built the Pitch it Plan™ to take the scary out of building a pitch deck with a hands-on tactical workshop. You can read more about our approach to pitch decks in this Business Insider article.

Once you feel confident with your deck, we guide you through filming a 5-minute pitch video showing your slides next to you presenting them.

A short, high-quality pitch video instantly portrays your characteristics and allows you to convey your passion and authenticity in a way a pitch deck or executive summary never can. Make an impression and start building investor relationships!

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