Scroobious + ParentPreneur Foundation

Scroobious and Impact Direct Advisors partner to empower entrepreneurs with the tools and network to achieve their fundraising initiatives. We are so excited to offer this exclusive $100 discount off the Scroobious Pitch it Plan™!

We are a woman-owned company providing a video-based platform for undernetworked founders to be discovered by and connected to angels, venture capitalists, and corporate investors with the right message in a human-first way. PiP will guide you through building a clear and concise investor-ready pitch deck and a 5-minute video to combine the detail and context of your deck with the passion and authenticity of your presentation.

We are proud to extend this exclusive offer to support the Impact Direct Advisors entrepreneurs.

The Polygon app at work

We've built the Pitch it Plan™ to take the scary out of building a pitch deck with a hands-on tactical workshop. You can read more about our approach to pitch decks in this Business Insider article.

Once you feel confident with your deck, we guide you through filming a 5-minute pitch video showing your slides next to you presenting them.

A short, high-quality pitch video instantly portrays your characteristics and allows you to convey your passion and authenticity in a way a pitch deck or executive summary never can. Make an impression and start building investor relationships!

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