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Feeling unsure about your pitch deck shouldn't hold you back, and it won't with our feedback and coaching. Present your business in a compelling way and make a strong first impression with investors you would otherwise struggle to reach.


You can have 12 "first pitch" meetings in an hour. See the best opportunities, not just the best opportunities that look like the ones you already have. Broaden your sourcing funnel while being more efficient with the time you spend in founder meetings.

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Do you provide services to start-ups or early stage investors? If you want to support our efforts to promote underrepresented founders and make it efficient for investors to find them by offering our beta users an exclusive offer or deal, we would love to speak with you!

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Our partners are committed to supporting undernetworked founders. Scroobious beta members receive exclusive offers. Contact us to learn more about the special offers from the partners below.


Unstack is the automatic, easy, unified marketing platform that helps you grow your business faster without the need for developers and designers. Leverage a powerful no-code experience to build, measure, and scale sophisticated web experiences for your customers while unifying your data using Unstack's one-click integrations. Check out Allison's customer success story!


Working with a dedicated partner backed by a team of experts, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind needed to do what you do best: Build your business. I've used FRB for personal and corporate banking for over a decade and couldn't be happier with their customer service.

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The Fourth Floor is an innovative ecosystem reimagining the board room, investment, and how we support female entrepreneurship. We connect experienced women leaders to female led startups so they can be more successful in raising capital and growing their business.


We are a network of CTOs with decades of experience as actual CTOs and other C-level executives - not just a team of software developers. We are founders, advisors, executives and investors in many companies. We have expertise in building not just products but companies across a number of industries. Consult with an actual CTO and make good choices the first time around.

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The Capital Network (TCN) is a non-profit (501c3) that aims to democratize access to funding in the Greater Boston Area and Beyond. TCN provides practical, hands-on education and personalized mentoring from investors & experts to help demystify the funding process to thousands of early stage entrepreneurs. We want ALL entrepreneurs to make informed decisions for their businesses by giving them the resources & education to understand and the network to make it happen.

Impact Direct Advisors has built a broad network of asset owners, managers, data analytic firms, NGOs and Academics in the Impact investment space. We leverage this to identify and vet growth equity, debt, and infrastructure projects or fund vehicles which can demonstrate both a positive impact and offer the potential to produce at or above market returns for the asset class. 

Slotkin Communications is comprised solely of senior-level communications experts. We take a collaborative approach to developing and executing successful communications strategies with our clients. We know how to get our clients included into the conversations that matter.

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