Scroobious + AAA Northeast

Scroobious and AAA Northeast have partnered to provide 10 female founders, non-binary founders or founders of color with free, year-long Scroobious memberships! These founders will receive:

  • Full access to the Scroobious platform, including its investor-vetted pitch deck curriculum
  • Comprehensive points of individualized feedback
  • A diverse community of founders
  • The opportunity to showcase on the investor discovery portal launching soon
The Polygon app at work

We've built the Pitch it Plan™ to take the scary out of building a pitch deck with a hands-on tactical workshop. You can read more about our approach to pitch decks in this Business Insider article.

Once you feel confident with your deck, we guide you through filming a 5-minute pitch video showing your slides next to you presenting them.

A short, high-quality pitch video instantly portrays your characteristics and allows you to convey your passion and authenticity in a way a pitch deck or executive summary never can. Make an impression and start building investor relationships!

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